David Silver’s Books

David Silver’s Books

David Silver Books

The Social Network Business Plan: 18 Strategies That Will Create Great Wealth [Wiley & Sons]  2009

Smart Start-Ups: How Entrepreneurs and Corporations Can Profit by Starting Online Communities [Wiley & Sons] 2007

Who’s Who in Venture Capital [Wiley & Sons]   1997

Cash in on Cash Flow: 50 Tough-as-Nails Ideas for Revitalizing Your Business [Amacon]  1994

Enterprising Women: Lessons from 100 of the Greatest Entrepreneurs of Our Day [Amacon]  1994

Quantum Companies: 100 Companies That Will Change the Face of Tomorrow’s Business [Petersons] ​1994

Strategic Partnering [McGraw Hill]   1993

Cashing Out: How to Value & Sell the Privately Held Company [Dearborn]    1993

Turnaround Survival Guide: Strategies for the Company in Crisis [Dearborn]   1992

Close Any Deal: A. David Silver’s 6-Step Formula for Success [PrenticeHall] 1992

The Bankruptcy and Workout Market Directory and Source Book [HarperCollins] 1991

The Middle-Market Business Acquisition Directory and Source Book [Ballinger]  1990

The Middle-Market Leveraged Financing Directory and Source Book [Ballinger] 1990

Business Bible for Survival [Prima]  1989

Your First Book of Wealth: The Beginners Guide to Collecting Investing and Starting Your Own Business [CareerPr Inc] 1989

Up Front Financing: The Entrepreneur’s Guide [?]  1988

The Silver Prescription: Eight-step Action Plan for Entrepreneurial Success [McGrawHill]  1987

The Entrepreneurial Life: How to Go For It and How to Get It [Wiley & Sons] 1986

Entrepreneurial Megabucks: The 100 Greatest Entrepreneurs of the Last 25 Years (Wiley & Sons) 1985

Venture Capital: The Complete Guide for Investors  [Wiley & Sons]  1985

Quantum Companies II: The Next 100 [Petersons] 1996

The Inside Raider [Ballinger] 1990